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Raiders Soccer School: Advanced

Our Advanced Soccer School (formerly our Raiders Development Program) is structured for players who have already learned the basic skills of the game and are looking to be taught more advanced actions. Working with RHSC's qualified and knowledgeable coaching staff, players will be exposed to concepts such as physical literacy for soccer, scoring from different angles, 1v1 and 2v2 attackingThe program not only has an emphasis on skill development, but also developing a passion for the sport.

The program focuses mainly developing players' skills, and although some sessions include a small sided game or scrimmage, these are practice sessions and regular games are not played.

RHSC encourages all of our members to continually be active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. It is because of this that our program not only places an emphasis on skill development, but on physical activity and fitness as well. 


Players in our Advanced Soccer School are exposed to a higher level of coaching and competition, and will experience quality training that covers the most crucial aspects of the game. The program is run by certified, passionate coaches from our Technical Team, all of whom have extensive experience working with players at this stage of their development.

Comprised of RHSC Staff Coaches along with numerous of our Club's qualified coaches, our Soccer School coaching staff bring with them outstanding knowledge of the game along with a true understanding of what it takes to develop players to their full potential.


Our Indoor Advanced Soccer School is offered to U6 to U12 players  those born from 2013 to 2007. The program will run for 16 weeks, consisting of 55 minute sessions that will be held once a week on Sunday in the Richmond Green Sports Dome.

AGE GROUP       SESSION DAY         DATES                   TIME             FEE 
2013-2011      Sunday October 28 to March 3    2:00 pm $400
2011-2009 Sunday October 28 to March 3    3:00 pm $400
2009-2007  Sunday  October 28 to March 3   4:00 pm$400