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RHSC Coaching Staff

Richmond Hill Soccer Club boasts a great number of experienced and qualified coaches, including 10 Nationally licensed coaches, 23 Provincially licensed/certified coaches, and numerous Long Term Player Development (LTPD) certified coaches. Below is a list of some of the most qualified and experienced coaches that we are proud to have as part of our remarkable RHSC Coaching Staff.

Get to know the coaches who make up RHSC's Technical Coaching Staff here.

Anyone interested in coaching with RHSC in our Rep program should fill our a Rep Coaching Application Form or contact Technical Director Carl Horton at carl@richmondhillsoccer.com

Technical Director


Carl Horton

(CSA A & US Youth) 



Nationally Licensed Coaches

National 'A' License

Bobby Lennox

Henrich Svetko


National 'B' License

Sue Herring

Ryan Gorewicz

Diarmuid Salvadori
Ali Shirani
Nadine Powell
 Helen Nasser

National 'B' Part 2 Trained

Unika Hypolite
(National Youth)

National 'B' Part 1 Certified

Hilliard Serrao
Mike Dalakis 

Marco Bonofiglio

National 'B' Part 1 Trained

Emile Marino

Steve Carraretto 

Vince Principato


Provincially Licensed Coaches

'C' License Certified

Mel Marcoccio 

Juan Garcia
   Sean Fisher  

Ivan Mak

Bobby Nikmard



'C' License Trained

Michael Distefano
Nathaniel McMurray 

Pouria Mirazimi

Tim Rennie

Dejan Vugrinic 

Dave Tullo 

Hesam Mobini 

Amir Moeini

 Goncalo Marques Anthony Gallo 





Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Certified 

Jesse Silva 

George Kourtis
Gianni Marinucci 

Licensed Goalkeeping Coach

Rasih Pala

Emile Marino