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Nutrition & Health 

RHSC encourages all of our players to continually be active and enjoy a healthy life style. Soccer is a great way for both children and adults to stay active as it improves cardio, coordination and endurance, as well as increases muscle tone and bone strength. However, being active is just one part of living a healthy lifestyle, as nutrition is an equally important component. We believe all members – both players and parents – should be educated on proper nutrition and hydration, and made aware of the benefits of eating well.

For the benefit of our members, we have put together the following documents which provide healthy eating and hydration tips, as well as wonderful meal ideas!  

→ Eating Before Training

 Eating After Training

→ Hydration

A main goal of Richmond Hill Soccer Club is to see all of our players reach their full potential, which is one reason why we believe proper nutrition and preparation is essential!  

“The amount, composition and timing of food intake can profoundly affect sports performance. Good nutritional practice will help athletes train hard, recover quickly and adapt more effectively with less risk of illness and injury. Athletes should adopt specific nutritional strategies before and during competition to help maximize their performance.”

         -The International Olympic Committee (IOC)


  Summer Snack Ideas

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie Home Made Sports Drink  Apple and Oats Yogurt  
Quinoa Salad Home Made 'Ice Cream' Home Made Hummus 
Twice Baked Potatoes Kale Salad & ChipsBeet Pesto Pasta 
Roasted Sweet Potatoes  

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