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Technical Coaching Staff

Want to get to know the brilliant coaches who make up Richmond Hill Soccer Club's Technical Staff? Make sure to check out our coaches below and also listen to RHSC's inaugural podcast, where Bobby Lennox will introduce you to all of our Club's Technical Staff.

You can listen to the full podcast 'Meet the Technical Staff' here:


Feel free to reach out to our coaches if you have any questions or concerns regarding technical or on-field aspects of our Club.

Technical Director: Mark Marshall | Email: mark@richmondhillsoccer.com                                            

Mark has experience in all levels of the sport, from grassroots to elite, and has been a professional coach for over 20 years. He previously served as Manager of Coaching Development with Ontario Soccer for 5 years, where he was responsible for the development and implementation of Long Term Player Development (LTPD) coaching curriculum in Ontario.


He also worked to develop a strategy that restructured the Ontario Soccer coaching programs in alignment with Sport Canada and the Canadian Soccer Association's LTPD visions.

In addition to holding both CSA National 'A' and UEFA National 'A' coaching licenses, Mark is also a Multisport Master Coach Developer (MCD), an NCCP Course Facilitator, a former Master Mentor Coach for the National Coaching Institute of Canada, and a former National 'B' License course staff member. Mark will serve as an Age Group Specialist for our Club’s U13 to U18 players.


Senior Staff Coach: Henrich Svetko | Email: henrich@richmondhillsoccer.com                                      

Henrich, a former professional soccer player in his native Slovakia, carries with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. Having worked in the soccer world for over 20 years, his significant achievements have been demonstrated in areas including coaching, program development, and player identification.

Prior to his role with RHSC, Henrich excelled in his position with Ontario Soccer, where he served as a Provincial Team Head Coach for the 1995, 1997, and 1998 Boys. During this time with Ontario Soccer he led the U15 Boys to a Canadian National Championship Gold Medal in 2013 and the U16 Boys to the Canadian National Championship Silver Medal in 2011.

Henrich’s list of coaching qualifications is quite impressive, as he holds both a CSA ‘A’ License and UEFA 'A’ License, as well as his Ontario Soccer Goalkeeper Diploma. Henrich will serve as an Age Group Specialist for our Club’s U13 to U18 players.

High Performance Manager: Nadine Powell | Emailhpm@richmondhillsoccer.com                            

Nadine has been involved in coaching soccer for roughly 10 years, having previously coached with both our 2000 girls and 2002 boys before serving as a coach in our OPDL program for the past four seasons. She also has experience playing the game at a high level, winning a Provincial Women's Championship as part of Manitoba’s Women's program.

Nadine holds the prestigious honour of being the first female coach in our Club's history to hold a Canadian national coaching license after obtaining her CSA National 'B' license in 2015. She has also taken part in many coaching conferences and seminars, including Ontario Soccer's Female Coaching Workshop and the York Region Soccer Association's Successfully Coaching the Female Player.

Technical Project Manager: Bobby Lennox | Emailbobby@richmondhillsoccer.com                            

Bobby has nearly 20 years of experience coaching in Ontario, having started as the Technical Director of West Rouge Soccer Club in 1999. He later spent time as the York Region Soccer Association’s Technical Director, before moving on to Ontario Soccer where he has spent the past 4 years serving as the Manager of Player Development and, most recently, the Manager of Coaching Development. In his roles with Ontario Soccer, Bobby was instrumental in the creation and implementation of many technical initiatives and resources to help advance the game in our province.

Bobby’s list of coaching credentials is remarkable as he holds both his CSA National ‘A’ and USSF National ‘A’ licenses, as well as his USSF Youth Licence. He is also a Master Coach Developer, a Coach Evaluator with Ontario Soccer, and has conducted numerous coach education courses and coach assessments around the province as part of the National Coach Certification Program. He is also the holder of a FIFA Grassroots Coaching award, a FIFA Futsal award, and is recognised as a Chartered Professional Coach (ChPc) with the Coaches Association of Canada.

Staff Coach: Kaelyn Thom | Emailkaelyn@richmondhillsoccer.com                                               

Kaelyn, who has experience playing NCAA Division 1 soccer at Niagara University, has been involved with coaching for 10 years. She has previous experience coaching with a wide variety of competitive age groups, including our U8 to U10 boys and girls. In addition to working with our competitive players, Kaelyn has served as a Staff Coach for our Club for several seasons and has worked in a number of our development programs.

Kaelyn holds her Provincial ‘B’ coaching license and has served as a mentee coach in Ontario Soccer’s Female Mentorship Program. She will serve as the Age Group Specialist for our Club’s U9 and U10 players.

Staff Coach: Unika Hypolite | Emailunika@richmondhillsoccer.com                                              

Unika, who grew up in Richmond Hill and played youth soccer with RHSC, has now been coaching with our club for several years. He has worked with a variety of our competitive groups at the younger ages, including both the U8 and U9 boys and girls. In addition to this, Unika has spearheaded a variety of our youth development programs, such as our Kick Start, Summer Camp, and Introductory and Advanced Soccer Schools.

Unika currently holds his Provincial ‘B’ coaching license from Ontario Soccer, as well as his National Youth Diploma. He will serve as the Age Group Specialist for our Club’s U4 to U6 players.

Staff Coach: Hollie Babut | Emailhollie@richmondhillsoccer.com                                              

Hollie joins RHSC after spending 3 seasons as a coach with Oshawa Kicks, where she held a number of roles including Head Coach of the U8 and U9 girls, U3 and U4 Program Coordinator, and competitive Player Development Coach. In addition to this, she also served as District Head Coach for the Durham Region Soccer Association and a Mentee Coach in Ontario Soccer’s Female Mentorship Program.

Hollie, who holds her C License, has vast experience playing the game at a high level, having spent time with Ashford University, Durham United of League 1 Ontario, and Sarpsborg 08 FF of the Norwegian Women’s Professional League. Hollie will serve as the Age Group Specialist for our Club’s U8 players.