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House League Program Updates 

In alignment with LTPD, our Club has made the following enhancements to our House League Program:
  • Option of Kick Start program for U4 and U5
  • U5 to U7 playing 4v4
  • U8 playing 5v5
  • U9 and U10 playing 7v7
  • U11 and U12 playing 9v9
  • No scores or standings for U4 to U12
Some other key points for our House League Program include:
  • Scores and Standings for U13 to Adult
  • U16-U18 age group will not receive photos, participation trophy or team parties due to feedback from past years - they will still receive league and playoff champion trophies
  • U16 to Adult Open will play final games the weekend of August 29/30
  • U4 to U15 will play final games the weekend of September 12/13
  • 9v9 Women's Over 30 Friday night pick up league
  • Over 30 divisions will play final games in September on regular game nights