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RHSC Hosts Nutrition Workshop for OPDL Players & Coaches

February 13, 2018

“Improve your eating, improve your game”, this was the theme of a recent Sports Nutrition Workshop put on by Boomerang Health for Richmond Hill Soccer Club’s OPDL players and coaches. The workshop, which was organized to educate our players on the importance of proper nutrition and how it can impact their performance, was hosted by Alyson Martinez, registered dietitian with Boomerang Health.

The workshop focused on a variety of topics, such as nutrition for training, performance, and recovery. Our players also had the opportunity to learn about a number of sports nutrition issues, such as specific nutrient supplements, macro goals, and various diets.

To see photos from the Sports Nutrition Workshop, click here

We would like to thank Boomerang Health for conducting this valuable and engaging workshop for our teams as they prepare for the upcoming season.